cuckoo clock

About Titisee Germany Cuckoo Clocks

Titisee Germany cuckoo clocks are a unique kind of clocks different from the lot in the market. Crafted in the form of a cuckoo bird, they have a swinging weight that produces a cuckoo sound as they strikes the hours. Cuckoo clocks first gained popularity in south-western Germany where they originated before moving on to other parts of the world in the 1850s.
Over the years, the clock has evolved from its original state to achieve a modern look. Nevertheless, efforts are made to retain its traditional style. As a result of this, animals and carved leaves are still used in the decoration for a traditional appeal. A bird is automated to appear through a small carved door as the clock strikes, lifting the back of the carving.
• Movements
One factor that distinguishes the Titisee Germany cuckoo clock is its mechanical movement. The clock is programmed to display two kinds of movement: the one day clock movement and eight day clock movement.
The one day movement cuckoo clock contains rings, chains and hooks. It functions on two weights at 5/8LBS (275 Grams). For effective movement, it has to be wound up every 24 hours by pulling down the chains.
Like the one day cuckoo clock movement, the eight day movement also has rings, chains and hooks. It uses two weights at 3 1 /4 LBS (1500 Grams).But unlike the one day movement that is wound up daily, this is wound up once a week by pulling down the chains.
Both movements of the clock are produced in Germany. Movement parts can be bought at work stations of manufacturers either as separate parts or already installed in the clock.
• Design
Titisee Germany cuckoo clocks come in two main styles – the chalet style cuckoo clocks and the traditionally carved cuckoo clocks. The chalet style cuckoo clock has a lot of details with interesting movements depicting an every-day life scene. It comes with handmade and hand laid shingles right on the roof. Other visible features on it are performers, animals and water wheels. Traditional carved cuckoo clocks take the design of nature. They depict natural creatures and elements like birds, leaves owls and even eagles.
• Music
Apart from their beautiful outlook, some of the Titisee Germany cuckoo clocks are designed with an inbuilt musical device to produce music immediately after striking both hours and half hours.
Titisee Germany cuckoo clocks serve as musical tools for entertainment. They produce melodious music in addition to the cuckoo sound. This has endeared more people to the clock. It has been discovered that buyers all around the world want to be sure of the musical features before buying one.
The musical movements produced by all the clocks are often of good quality, however, they vary in number between 18 and 36. Clocks with a higher number of tones are known to produce better sound quality.
Titisee Germany cuckoo clocks have become very popular around the world –they can be found almost anywhere. This immense popularity has given rise to imitations. Authentic cuckoo clocks are made available to buyer with a VdS certificate of authenticity which contains information about its origin, components, construction and mechanics. Don’t be carried away by the outward appearance, it’s advised to check for the VdS seal before making purchase.